Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Check out the Sound Off Series events coming up:

Jul 27
SOS Speed & Sound “Baggers vs. Slingshots”
Maryland International Raceway - 27861 Budds Creek Rd


May 2017

Sound Off Series Tour -Myrtle Beach
Courageous Kids

June 2017

Sound Off Series Tour -Detroit
Bottomless Toy Chest

August 2017

Sound Off Series Tour - Philadelphia
Divas for a Cure & Praise is the Cure

June 2018

Sound Off Series Tour -Michigan
Kids On the Go

Past Event Winners

Past Event Winners

Here are our previous event champions!

Boom Boom ROom
Boom Boom Room

3 vs 3 Team Battles

1st Place

Steve , Daniel Hearn , Robert McMillion

Boom Boom Room 2nd
Boom Boom Room

3 vs 3 Team Battles

2nd Place

Brian Parker , Edward Mansur Harden,Tennessee 

Boom Boom Room

3 vs 3 Team Battles

3rd Place

Abdullah Gray , Ron Johnson , Melvin Crawley

Boom Boom Room LW
Boom Boom Room

King/ Queen of Da Hill


King Of the Hill
Boom Boom Room

King/ Queen of Da Hill

Middle Weight

Boom Boom Heavy Weight
Boom Boom Room

King/ Queen of Da Hill


Event Rules & Classes

2019 SOS Rules

  • 1 Each bike will have up to one minute in the preliminary rounds to play as many songs as the participant wants.
  • 2 In the preliminary/ final rounds the judges can request the participants play another song for up to one minute if needed to make a final decision.
  • 3 Depending on the amount of participation in each class will determine how many bikes will be in the ring at one time and will also determine how many will be eliminated at one time. (This will be announced prior to the competition beginning.)
  • 4 You must have the SOS songs downloaded on a device and/or have the ability to search the web to obtain them. The judges MAY utilize a song from the list to break a tie. For those who arrive without the songs, please have USB or Bluetooth capabilities or risk being DQ'd.
  • 5 Registration cut off times will be strictly adhered to unless exigent circumstances arise, which at that time will be at the discretion of the SOS staff.
  • 6 Judging will be based on a series of things but not limited to bass, treble, clarity, song selection, volume control, speaker staging, etc. We are listening for quality sound systems.
  • 7 The motorcycle must be able to ride in and out of the SOS ring. (NO PUSHING)
  • 8 In the finals round, each participant for one minute each will be required to play one song of their choice and the same song from the SOS Playlist (Two (2) songs total). The judges will then score the participants for a final score to determine a winner.
  • 9 Compression horns WILL be counted as speakers due to the frequency range they are able to play i.e. Horns with waveguides and diaphragms. The smaller "dome" style tweeter, Hertz ST25,etc. will NOT be counted in the speaker count. (See Photos on Rules Page)
  • 10 Clipping will count as an immediate disqualification.
  • 11 Participants to assure the contest moves efficiently, please make sure you are with your motorcycle when called to the lanes!!
  • 12 CHEATING Rule- if any participant is caught in violation of the requirements listed for the entered class, they will be immediately disqualified from the competition. It is the right and discretion of SOS officials to conduct a reasonable inspection of the participants motorcycle within reason.
  • 13 Tuning- During competition participants will only operate the volume on the main source I.e. Radio/ Bluetooth device/ cell phone . The use of a bass volume knob may also be used. Tuning/ adjusting of crossovers, DSP, equalizers whether onboard or Bluetooth will be prohibited.
  • 14 Technical Issues: Each participant will have (2) two minutes to address any technical issues while in the ring. If the participant is unable to fix the issue he/she will we asked to exit the competition ring. The participant may return to the ring after all other participants in that class have competed at which time they will be given the opportunity to be scored. The participant will receive a FIVE (5) point deduction from their overall score for that round.

SOS Classes


Up to 8 speakers NO speakers bigger than 10"mid and (no subs) **No more than two 10" Mids allowed**...

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9-14 speakers with a subwoofer/ Mid-bass restriction...

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Unlimited speaker count/ Unlimited Subwoofer count...

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Extreme Class

Trikes, Sling Shots, and Heavily modified Motorcycles. **slingshots are allowed due to their classification as a motorcycle in some states but CAN NOT have engine on while competing**

NO UTV's, Golf Carts etc.

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For full SOS Rules, please visit our Rules & Judging Criteria Page

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Check out pictures from our previous events:


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