Up to 8 speakers NO speakers bigger than 10"mid and (no subs) **No more than two 10" Mids allowed**


9 or 16 speakers with a subwoofer restriction. You are allowed the following (2) 8" or (2) 10" subs or (1) 12" sub


Unlimited Count!!! Everything but the kitchen sink!!! This is not your granddaddy's motorcycle.

The above-listed classes must be rideable motorcycles. Modifications are allowed i.e. Fiberglass, wood etc, however, it must stay within the bounds of a motorcycle. Any cycle not meeting the requirements are welcome to join the extreme class.

Extreme Class

Trikes, Sling Shots, and Heavily modified Motorcycles. **slingshots are allowed due to their classification as a motorcycle in some states but CAN NOT have engine on while competing**

NO UTV's, Golf Carts etc.