Judging Criterea

  • Sound Linearity

    This is the section that judges will determine how well balanced the system sounds at moderate and higher volumes. A system with a good linearity will sound equally balanced at all levels, remaining accurate, tonally and free of distortion of any kind. Volume control is very important, it will ultimately impact participants score. 

    (Participant may receive 0-5 points each round)

  • Tonality...

    This is the section which judges the spectral balance and tonal accuracy of a sound system. The sound system must have the ability to give the musical instruments and vocalist a natural sound. Judges must be able to differentiate the various sounds in the music track; this is accomplished by having good tonality. 

    Sound production must be accurate, ex. The attack-decay of a kick drum or cymbals from a drum kit should be accurate as if you were at a concert listening to your favorite band. You should not only hear the music but also ͞feel the music.

    (Participant may receive 0-5 points each round)

  • Song/Track Selection...

     This is the section which judges will determine if the song/track selected is one that compliments every aspect of the sound stage. Participants should select a song which allows every aspect of their system to perform well. A quality version of that song should also be selected as well. 

    Note: In the FINAL round where, finalist is asked to play their own song(s) and a song(s) from the SOS Playlist, participants will ONLY be judged in this section based of their individually selected song. The SOS selected song will not have any weight in this category.

    (Participant may receive up to 0-5 points each round)

  • Volume Control

    Participants will be judged on volume control. It is imperative that each participant is knowledgeable of their audio systems capabilities. Each venue may present acoustic variables which will test the participants ability to make the proper adjustments. Volume control can be affected both by too high and too low volume.

    (Participant may receive 0-5 points the PRELIMINARY ROUND only)

    (Participant may receive 0-5 points each round)

    Note: Heavily explicit song selection will automatically result in a ½ point deduction from your final score after warning has been given. Participant will receive one (1) warning will be prior to deduction.



  • Each judge will enter his/her score at the conclusion of each participant session. 
  • Judges will not converse about each session until each participant from that session scores have been entered and are exiting the SOS ring. 
  • Final Round: The top scores will advance to the final round; at which time each will play the same song from the official Sound Off Series playlist and song(s) selected by the participant. Each song will be played up to 90 seconds.
  • Note: Each class must have at least (8)eight  participants in order to have a final round of (4) four finalist. Any class with less than (8) eight participants will result in a final round of (3) three finalist. Any class with only (3) three participants will not have an elimination but will have two rounds which will be then scored, and a winner selected.
  • Participants are asked to create a profile at www.tmccycles.com

    Be advised, the objective is for each participant to earn the most points possible to advance to the finals. Participants are not GRUDGING with the other participants in their heat but earning points to move forward. Unless it is the King of the Hill format or a SOS Grudge Match.