TMC Sound University

Tip #1

When planning on doing an audio build rather mild to wild remember the 5 P’s!!! If you don’t plan it out your asking for headaches and wasted money. Get a notebook and write out all of your equipment, specifications, wattage required, proper ohms, wiring, air space, tuning, speaker selection etc. If you don’t you will end up like many with gear you don’t need only to be on the “for sale” section of Facebook!!! Build wisely!!! Peace!! #teammoneycycles #SoundUniversity #TMCSoundUniversity #Motorcycleaudio

Tip #2

During competition we see many participants have issues with Bluetooth connectivity issues. Phones unable to pair to radios, multiple phones attempting to pair to the same device, etc. This hiccup then creates a level of stress for an already stressful situation.

Suggestion to minimize your adversaries while in the SOS Ring. Purchase a good cable which will allow you to connect directly to your radio if this option is possible. This will eliminate some stress for you. Make sure you tune for this change also as there can be a potential difference in the sound quality between the two options.

“Be ready, BE READY to rip of some sound lips at all times.”

SOS Tip2